My Trip to Shenzhen in China

Posted on 4月 5, 2017 in Travels

I went to China three times last year that are Shanghai two times and Shenzhen once. I write about Shenzhen below.

Firstly, I intended to see a delightful event of anime, manga and cosplay, which will be held at Shenzhen. However, unfortunately, the local government mandated to postpone taking place that event two days before the date.


On the other hand l’ve wanted to go to the Kahokukyo electric city in Shenzhen, So I went to there.

That electric city has been huge as Mr.Takasu spoke in NT Kanazawa 2016. Some buildngs are full of stores which sells peripherals and electric parts. I think that city has several times the scale about number of shops than Akihabara, Japan.


And in Shenzhen Syojo which is the largest book store in the city sells books to repaier iPhone, smartphone, and many appliances. I understood a little of attitudes of Chinese people in Shenzhen who repairs various things as possible they can. This attitudes is poor in Japan now.


So far, Though I’ve not be able to understand this huge city, the neighbour is HongKong where is the big city in Asia too. I think there is a possibility for an exponential development in Shenzhen.