Microsoft Hololens

Posted on 4月 24, 2017 in Tools

Last month, I got a Microsoft Hololens that is a futuristic device and has huge potentiality.


I went straight to install Visual Studio 2015 and Unity on my PC, and tried to develop a Holographic app. As shown below, I deployed Unity-Chan model in my room.


On the one hand, 2D apps can just be developed by Visual Studio as UWP apps, and can be deployed on Hololens. What an amazing!


Though Holographic Apps covered all of our view have various potentialities, 2D apps have big potentiality in terms of usability and usefulness.



先月ですが、Microsoft Hololensを購入しました。とてつもない可能性がある、未来を感じさせるデバイスです。

早速Visual Studio 2015とUnityをインストールして、Unityちゃんのモデルを部屋に配置するなど、Holographicアプリの開発を試してみました。一方、2Dアプリは、Visual Studioで普通にUWPアプリを作成し、Hololensにデプロイするだけで実行できてしまいます。すごい。