Create my ideal woman body

Posted on 9月 8, 2020 in Works

About three years ago, I was enthusiastic about making a life-size ideal woman body, and I had made a prototype with 1/3 size.

I had a 3D printer called Zortrax M200 at home, and ZBrush, which I started as a hobby, was interesting, so it was a lot of fun.



家にはZortrax M200という3Dプリンタがあり、さらに趣味で始めたZBrushが面白かったのでかなり楽しい活動でした。

When I was making a woman body, I noticed the hidden nature of myself. I found that I really like the ribs on a woman’s chest and the shoulder blades on her back.

At that time, I didn’t know how to make good hair, so I made thin objects one by one. When I think about it now, I was crazy.





Unfortunately, this activity ended up being a halfway thing, neither an art nor a maker. However, I would like to use it for something again or try again.




Image rendered with KeyShot.



3D printed. The white one used PLA filament and the gray one output using HIPS.